Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Once upon a time...
Along time ago, there lived a kind man. As he was sitting one evening in his room, a dreadful storm arose, and the rain streamed down from heaven; but the man sat warm and comfortable in his house, and warm lasagne on the table.
"Those who have not a roof over their heads will be wet," he thought to himself.
"Oh let me in! Let me in! I am cold, and I'm so wet!" exclaimed suddenly a man that stood at the door and knocking for admittance, while the rain poured down, and the wind made all the windows rattle.
"Poor guy!" said the man, as he went to open the door. There stood a man, quite naked, and the water ran down from his light brown hair; he trembled with cold, and had he not come into a warm room he would most certainly have perished in the frightful night.
"Poor guy!" said the man, as he took the man by the hand. "Come in, and I will soon restore you! We shall have milk and lasagne and warm bread, for you are a very charming man!" His eyes were like two bright stars; and although the water trickled down his hair, it waved in beautiful curls. He looked exactly like an angel, but he was so pale, and his whole body trembled with cold. He had a nice little bow in his hand,
The man seated himself beside his hearth, and took the fellow on his lap; he squeezed the water out of his dripping hair, warmed his hands between his own, and set him a place at the table. Then the man recovered, his cheeks again grew rosy, he jumped down from the lap where he was sitting, and danced around the kind man.
"You are a merry fellow," said the man. "What's your name?"
"My name is Cupid," answered the man. "Don't you know me? There lies my bow; it shoots well, I can assure you! Look, the weather is now clearing up, and the moon is shining clear again through the window."
"Why, your bow is quite spoiled," said the man.
"That were sad indeed," said the man, and he took the bow in his hand and examined it on every side. "Oh, it is dry again, and is not hurt at all; the string is quite tight. I will try it directly." And he bent his bow, took aim, and shot an arrow at the man, right into his heart, and they lived happily ever after.